Multiple Sclerosis

‘Sclerosis’ means scarring and refers to the scars (also called lesions) that MS causes in the brain or spinal cord.  These show up in magnetic image resonance (MRI) scans. It is ‘multiple’ sclerosis because the lesions happen in more than one place.

Living with severe MS is complex for everyone involved, including carers and family members.


It’ is essential that everyone involved has the support they need, and that a complete care package is provided by the various services available.

Multiple sclerosis can result in a vast range of symptoms, which means that EnViva Complex Care’s flexible, proactive approach to delivering complex care in the home is ideally suited to support clients with this condition.

Your care package can address physical symptoms including mobility issues, musculoskeletal symptoms, pain management, and bladder and bowel care.

We plan for all circumstances so that we can provide continuity of care whilst responding effectively to any short or long term changes.

EnViva Complex Care is committed to ensuring clients enjoy their maximum quality of life and independence.

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