Muscular Dystrophy

There are more than 60 rare and very rare progressive muscle-weakening and wasting conditions. Muscle-wasting conditions are very rare, affecting just over one in every 1,000 people and affecting 70,000 people in the UK.

EnViva Complex Care are experienced in providing tailored care to enable individuals with muscle-wasting conditions to live their lives to the full.

We can help you with continence care, cough assistance bed turning, and even with ventilator care.

We will have regular contract with healthcare professionals to ensure what we are doing works with your medical needs and treatment.

We can also help with the mental and emotional effects of living with muscular dystrophy, and possibly put you in touch with others who are experiencing the same thing.

For a free, no-obligation discussion about our Muscular Dystrophy care work, please click here or call 0300 3033 508.